2024 reports

Customer Success Collective’s 24 in 2024
Join us in celebrating the top innovators in customer success with Customer Success Collective’s 24 in 2024 – two dozen exceptionally talented people in the customer success field.

2023 reports

The State of Customer Onboarding 2023
Onboarding is an art and a science that can make or break customer relationships. In a SaaS company, it’s the process that impacts recurring revenue. We wanted to uncover proven strategies and understand how customer success teams worldwide onboard their customers.
The State of Customer Success 2023
Want to know the latest developments in customer success? Perhaps the key responsibilities of a customer success team? Or maybe you’re just curious about how CSMs really feel about their roles. We’ve got the goods you need right here, right now.
Customer Success Salary Survey 2023
It’s time to put down your copy of the Wall Street Journal and make way for a new financial publication to pore over during your coffee break. 2023’s Customer Success Salary Survey is available to download. Right. Now.
State of Customer Churn 2023 | Get your copy
We know how hard CSMs, like you, work. We know it can often feel like an uphill battle to retain your customers, but it shouldn’t be like that. To help make your life easier, we’ve compiled the ultimate churn-busting resource.
The Customer Success Onboarding Playbook
The Customer Success Onboarding Playbook has been designed to provide you with a step-by-step guide to the customer onboarding process, revealing industry best practices and showing you exactly how to position your customer interactions during this crucial time in the customer journey.

2022 reports

Customer Success Collective’s 23 in 2023
The customer success community is one of the most interactive and enthusiastic online professional communities in the world. We love it. So it’s no surprise that we want to shine a light and hear from the people at the core of this community. Introducing…CSC’s 23 in 2023!
The State of Customer Success 2022 Report
After months of research, the State of Customer Success is back... with a vengeance. Bigger and better than ever, our latest report is the ultimate assessment of the customer success landscape featuring the insights of the industry’s titans.
Customer Success Salary Survey 2022 Report
The Customer Success Salary Survey 2022 features a wealth of facts and stats that aim to resolve the taboo and re-frame the conversation surrounding salaries.
Customer Success Tools of Choice 2022
We asked you for the tools that make you tick, and you answered. We wanted this report to be shaped by the customer success community, for the customer success community.
The State of Customer Retention
Retaining customers is much cheaper than acquiring new ones and goes a long way in building meaningful customer relationships that pay off in ways that benefit your brand, reputation, and bottom line.

2021 reports

The Ones to Watch in 2022
As we bid adieu to 2021, we’re looking forward to the customer success developments that 2022 brings. We’ve been beavering away this winter to present you with our report of the Ones to Watch in 2022, celebrating and interviewing the stellar talent in the customer success community.
The State of Customer Success 2021
The time has come and your patience can finally be rewarded. Without further ado, here it is: the State of Customer Success 2021.