Exec+ membership
Exec+ is the place to network, share experiences, and get the support you need to lead with confidence and champion success.

Get the latest insights to craft game-changing strategies, stay ahead of the latest CS trends, and forge invaluable connections with the crème de la crème of CS.

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:
  • CS Certified: Leadership
  • Leadership Accelerator Program
  • Mastering Leadership workshops
  • Leadership dinners
  • CCO Summit invite
  • Community-led workshops
  • Industry reports
  • Mentor program
  • Members-only community
  • Free in-person event ticket
  • 6 Masters courses
  • 150+ hours of OnDemand insights
  • 75+ templates & frameworks
  • 100s of members-only articles
  • Up to 20% off team memberships

What's an Exec+ membership?
Our Exec+ membership is a premier platform specifically tailored for customer success leaders who want to increase their impact, connect with a network of peers, and navigate the unique challenges of the CS landscape with confidence and unparalleled expertise.

This membership transcends your run-of-the-mill resources; it’s a gateway to transformative experiences, connecting members with industry leaders, cutting-edge strategies, and a community that understands the intricacies of the customer success landscape.

Exec+ offers specialized workshops and networking events, as well as mentorship opportunities, expert-led courses, and in-depth industry insights. All of this works together to help you advance your career, improve your leadership skills, and be at the forefront of customer success innovation.
Why join Exec+?
The answer is simple: Exec+ will fast-track your access to the C-suite. No cutting corners, Exec+ provides you with the tools and networking experience you need to make it to the top.

This membership puts you in the room (virtually and physically) with kindred spirits – other customer success leaders poised for greatness.

It's about fostering genuine connections, getting insights you won’t find anywhere else, and gaining skills that push you forward.

Whether you’re aiming for a C-suite role, seeking to sharpen your strategy skills, or are eager to discover new ways to tackle problems as old as time, Exec+ molds you into the leader you're destined to become.
“Very thoughtful with content that is relevant and current in today's CS world...for the CS community to have a voice and place to work and grow from.”

- Brett Friday, Director of Business Performance & Employee Development at Connected Dealer Services

Learn from top customer success experts like:

Ashvin Vaidyanathan, VP, Customer Success and Insights at LinkedIn

Nikolai Chowdhury, Regional VP of Customer Success at Salesforce

Santosh Sahoo, Regional VP, Customer Success at Mulesoft

Deanna Miller, Customer Success Director at Microsoft

Steve Clancy, VP of Customer Success at Time

Ayman Husain, Customer Engineering Leader at Google

If you're looking to subscribe your team, speak to Kyle about team rates at kyle@customersuccesscollective.com.
How you’ll benefit from your Exec+ membership.
🎪 Chief Customer Officer Summit: Imagine a day filled with you, the pros, fresh perspectives, and a brand-new extended network. Rub shoulders with CS leaders, and get ready to accelerate your own CS function. RRP $695.00.

📚 Customer success leadership certifications: Our self-paced curriculum covers essential topics including building a CS team, influence, and team management. RRP $1,499.

For those seeking a more intensive experience, our six-week Accelerator program provides live workshops, actionable coursework, and a cohort of peers from top organizations. RRP $1,999.

🌏 Leadership dinners: Enjoy invite-only access to exclusive events in cities across the globe. Connect, share, and gain insights from senior CS leaders and build a personal board of directors that'll help take your career to the next level. Pricing Upon Request.
Everything you need to excel.
🔥 Mastering leadership workshops: Workshops that offer a practical deep dive into executive leadership skills such as strategic thinking, execution and delivery, and talent management. Learn from industry execs, apply your knowledge, and network with peers.

🔖 Annual festival or course ticket: Enjoy a complimentary ticket to an in-person festival or course every year, deepening your industry knowledge and expanding your professional network with like-minded elites.

🤝 Members-only network and community-led workshops: Benefit from a supportive environment where you’ll share challenges, solutions, and successes within a tight-knit community. Participate in or lead workshops to exchange knowledge and receive invaluable peer feedback.

Who’s the Exec+ membership for?

Exec+ is designed specifically for customer success leaders (Head of/Director/VP/SVP/C-Suite) who want to continue advancing their skills and knowledge, network with like-minded peers, save on professional development opportunities, and gain practical tools to advance their career as an influential leader in the customer success world.

What's included in an Exec+ membership?

An Exec+ membership provides access to exclusive networking events, a members-only community channel, six Master’s certifications, an OnDemand leadership course (RRP $1,499), the Leadership Accelerator Program (RRP$ 1,999), professional development workshops, industry reports, OnDemand videos, mentoring programs, member perks and discounts, and more.

How much does an Exec+ membership cost?

The Exec+ membership is $2,999 annually. This provides complete access to an enormous wealth of features, valuable discounts providing you with significant financial savings, and a whole host of expertly crafted resources to elevate your skills and knowledge.

How does the members-only community work?

Exec+ members gain access to an exclusive channel to connect with fellow members. Here you can network, share resources, collaborate, and elevate your learnings. Our members-only community aims to combat the isolation often experienced by CS leaders by providing a centralized platform for knowledge-sharing and peer support, which is essential for problem-solving and career growth.

Can I attend local member meetups?

Yes, Exec+ members can suggest and attend local meetups facilitated by the community manager. These ad-hoc, informal gatherings allow you to network with local peers and foster a warming sense of community and collaboration.

How often are new resources added?

New industry reports, OnDemand videos, frameworks, and other resources are added regularly to keep you up-to-date and consistently advance your professional development.

Can I get a discount for purchasing team memberships?

Yes! Exec+ members receive 10% off additional Pro and Pro+ memberships purchased for their team. If you purchase five or more memberships, we will increase this discount to 20%. With these discounts, you and your team can gain access to expert-led courses, free templates and frameworks, live workshops, members-only events, and much more, to grow both your professional career and your company.

What do the perks look like?

Exec+ members get one free ticket to an in-person summit or course each year. If you want to attend any further in-person events, you can do so for just $750 per event. You also get up to 20% off other membership plans like CSC’s Pro+ for your teams.

What topics do the Master’s courses cover?

Courses range from customer retention, advocacy, metrics, and onboarding, tailored for advanced CS professionals. You can see a full overview here.

What’s the difference between Customer Success Certified: Leadership and the Leadership Accelerator Program?

Customer Success Certified: Leadership is a self-paced certification focusing on fundamental leadership skills for CS, offering eight modules, bonus footage, and templates and frameworks. It's designed for those looking to understand various leadership styles and gain foundational knowledge. The Leadership Accelerator Program, on the other hand, is a little different. Rather than a self-paced course, this is an intensive six-week coaching program offering live workshops, actionable coursework, and a community channel. It's aimed at new or aspiring leaders, providing tools, skills, and peer networks to confidently lead CS strategies and make an immediate impact.