Templates and frameworks

Templates and frameworks

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Templates & frameworks | Customer Success Collective
From strategy checklists to churn rate cheat sheets, customer feedback master lists to onboarding frameworks, your template & framework hub’s home to it all.

Sure, you could do a quick Google search to learn about customer success. But's a search, not research – often the content you stumble upon isn't always verifiable.

With a CSC membership, you automatically gain access to a wealth of reliable and trusted templates and frameworks. Every single template and framework we load into our membership plan has been reviewed and approved by experts from organizations like:

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It really is a treasure trove of crucial CS resources that are regularly reviewed and updated. Fancy a taste of what's on offer? 👀

  • Change map across the organization
  • Customer journey gap analysis
  • Customer Success strategy framework
  • White paper template
  • Stakeholder feedback and improvement log
  • Tone of voice
  • Customer referral tracking template
  • How to reduce your churn rate
  • Campaign planning template
  • Churn rate cheat sheet
  • SMART goals template
  • Customer journey map
  • Onboarding maturity model
  • Stakeholder communication plan
  • Peer review email template
  • Customer success alignment assessment template
  • Customer exit interview questions template
  • Customer health score template
  • EBR template
  • Onboarding RACI matrix template
  • How to improve trial-to-subscription conversions template
  • Internal roadmap template
  • CSM interview STAR method template
  • Proof of value email template
  • Value proposition research questions framework
  • Post-sale customer survey checklist framework
  • A CSM’s weekly 1:1 meeting template
  • Customer segmentation template
  • Voice of the Customer (VoC) framework
  • Value proposition evaluator
  • Customer advocacy strategy framework
  • Customer feedback questions framework
  • Time-to-value (TTV) framework
  • A CSM’s performance evaluation scorecard template
  • Customer implementation framework
  • Empathy map template
  • Guide to SaaS pricing models template
  • Segment hypothesis worksheet template
  • Customer advocacy template
  • Customer advisory board (CAB) email invite template
  • Customer engagement plan framework
  • New product features template
  • Account expansion plan template
  • Customer segmentation profile framework
  • B2B customer persona example
  • Win/loss email invite template
  • The current state of the customer journey template
  • Feature update email templates
  • Checklist for growing MMR template
  • Customer success story questions template
  • Internal roadmap template
  • New feature outreach and training template
  • The HEART framework
  • Churn rate prediction framework
  • Storytelling framework
  • Storytelling framework [example]
  • Customer churn survey template
  • AARRR model framework
  • Segment sentiment audit checklist
  • Customer renewals email template
  • B2B user persona example
  • B2B user persona template
  • Buyer funnel [stages + tactics]
  • Payment failure email template
  • New hire onboarding checklist
  • Jobs-to-be-done canvas
  • Improving trial-to-subscription conversions
  • Messaging framework
  • Competitive intel checklist
  • Sales to CS handover template
  • Competitor SWOT analysis template
  • How to lower your churn rate
  • Onboarding checklist
  • Customer needs analysis template
  • Customer strategy checklist
  • Customer success playbook framework
  • Win-loss interview questions
  • Customer onboarding framework
  • Product demo checklist
  • Customer case study questions
  • SaaS churn rate cheat sheet
  • A guide to churn reduction
  • New user email templates
  • Inactive user email templates
  • Completed first action email templates
  • Pricing increase email templates
  • Up-sell email templates
  • Cross-sell email templates
  • Converting freemium users to paid users email templates

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