The State of Customer Success 2021


The time has come and your patience can finally be rewarded. Without further ado, here it is: the State of Customer Success. 🚀

Why you need this report

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  • Discover what customer success professionals really do
  • Understand where customer success sits within whole organizations
  • Find out how customer success experts have got to where they are
  • Hear our predictions for the future of customer success

The report demystifies any misconceptions surrounding the customer success function through quantitative and qualitative research.

We wanted to know what type of customers tend to be served by customer success. We've identified the key responsibilities of customer success professionals, who reports to who, and how this function is evolving. And above all, we wanted this report to illuminate what improvements can be made to this industry.

And you’d better believe The State of Customer Success 2021 will delve into all of this.

Our 50-page magnum opus includes insightful key findings like:

🪞 Customer success clearly mirrors the trajectory of the growth of the SaaS industry

👶 Newer companies are less inclined to fully invest in CS straight away

📈 38% of people in customer success report directly to the CEO

👥 Most people in customer success said they work closely with product (84%) and sales (83%) teams

🌱 66% of people claimed that customer onboarding was a top priority in their job

📏 Only 63% of participants use retention rate as one of their own KPIs

🚩 80% of people pointed out that it’s necessary to identify at-risk customers to prevent churn

🥰 Humane characteristics like communication (88%) and listening (71%) are prerequisites to a prosperous career in CS

🎤 Most people agreed that being the voice of the customer to the company was in and of itself the most rewarding part of their job

🎖️ On average, the majority of people working in customer success stated they feel highly valued in their organizations.

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