At Customer Success Collective, spotlighting remarkable customer success talent is one of our greatest passions. Heck – it’s the reason behind everything we do!

These dedicated individuals don’t just onboard your customers. They don’t just keep customers happy. They don’t just drive revenue. They wear a hundred different hats and are the glue that binds an organization together. Try and find a harder-working department (plot twist: you won’t). 

Okay, okay… we do understand an organization's success depends on many other factors, but it’s often the diligent customer success teams working behind the scenes who drive results. This is the Customer Success Awards, entering its third season. ✨

After carefully reviewing over 300 nominations, we’re delighted to announce the winners of the 2023 Customer Success Awards.

PSA: In case you missed our shortlist announcement, you can check out who are finalists are here.

Customer Success Leader of the Year

There’s no “I” in “team,” that’s for sure. But there are certain rare gems who go above and beyond to make their team, and customers, dazzle. 

These bonafide customer success experts are an innovative bunch when it comes to providing peerless customer experiences and supporting their legion of CSMs.

But which particular CS leader exhibits all of those qualities in 2023? 

We’re thrilled to announce that the Customer Success Leader of the Year has been awarded to… Jenelle Friday, VP of Customer Success at Forecastable!

Jenelle is a visionary leader, spearheading a customer-first revolution across the organization. Her relentless commitment to understanding customers and nurturing lasting relationships has cemented her status as a true titan of customer success.

“Jenelle is passionate about mentoring and coaching aspiring and entry-level CSMs, substantiating the role and responsibility of a CSM, and championing them in their professional goals. 
“She focuses on soft skill development and empowerment through empathy, kindness, and mutual respect. I had the pleasure of having Jenelle as my CSM in a previous role and have never had another CSM who was as good of a partner as Jenelle was. I hope Jenelle is successful in influencing and teaching the next generation of CSMs to be as wonderful as she is.”

Huge congrats to Jenelle from Team CSC! 🎉

Customer Success Rising Star 

Sure, it's important to toast the veteran CS gurus and big brand honchos. But we'd be wildly remiss not to showcase the trailblazers who are making waves in customer success right out of the gate. These fresh faces exhibit the qualities of tomorrow's CS leaders today.

We believe it's essential to celebrate the phenomenal talent that's just getting started in their careers. To keep customer success moving forward, companies must seek out these brilliant up-and-comers and give them room to shine.

So which wunderkind took home the award this year? Let's meet the prodigy who's making waves in CS!

The winner is… Chinelo Diejomaoh, Customer Success Manager at NorthPass

Chinelo embodies everything right about customer success. She’s forward-thinking, has a vibrant energy, and shows an inspiring dedication to her craft – and her customers. Keep your eyes on Chinelo’s career in the coming years – consider this your insider tip!

Curious about what Chinelo’s colleagues think? Take a peek below. 👇

“Chinelo exudes empathy and positivity and has already helped to transform the CS function at NorthRow. She deserves to win because she lives and breathes customer success.”

Living and breathing customer success? Chinelo’s our type of person! From the whole team at CSC, we wish Chinelo a massive congratulations. 🎉

Best Customer Success Team

In the wonderful world of customer success, camaraderie is the secret sauce. Together, they conjure remarkable feats. Let's be honest, numerous organizations would be navigating choppy waters without their steadfast favorite post-sales crew, ushering customers with finesse through the journeys of onboarding through to renewals.

Grab your party hats, everyone! The community has voiced their choice, and we're over the moon to announce that TryHackMe has clinched the esteemed title of Best Customer Success Team! 🎉

TryHackMe is a dynamic online platform that turns cybersecurity learning into an engaging adventure for everyone, from beginners to pros. Users navigate through practical, real-world challenges in safe virtual environments, exploring various cybersecurity concepts. 

But don’t just take our word for it, hear it from the horse’s mouth and read what one of their nominators had to say about TryHackMe CS team:

“Chris, Lewis, and Danielle are the dream team. They help our B2B clients and are very professional and knowledgeable. They’ve managed to help every single business client with the highest quality of support. They deserve this award because their effort and passion for helping others is unmatched.”

A massive well done from Team CSC! 🎉

Best Customer Success Tool

Having the right technology tools at your disposal can be a complete game-changer in customer success. Customer success professionals must synthesize and process copious amounts of customer data on a daily basis. It is essential to recognize the software solutions that provide invaluable contributions to the CS community.

But which tool rose to the top of the pack this year? Which platform is deemed a CSM essential?

The winner of the Best Customer Success Tool goes to… Totango!

Totango enables data-driven customer success through advanced analytics and actionable insights. This powerful platform continuously monitors key metrics like usage, satisfaction, and overall relationship health to arm teams with a deeper understanding of customers. Here’s what  

Kudos to the whole organization at Totango! 🎉

Thank you to our nominators

A heartfelt shoutout to our nominators! Your votes in this year's Customer Success Awards have been invaluable. 

Celebrating the incredible talent within our industry is vital, and we're ecstatic to spotlight the cream of the crop in CS. Thank you for helping us illuminate their achievements!