Customer Success Salary Survey 2023


It’s time to put down your copy of the Wall Street Journal and make way for a new financial publication to pore over during your coffee break. ☕️ 2023’s Customer Success Salary Survey is available to download right now.

This report features a treasure trove of untapped, hot-off-the-press facts and stats that’ll re-address the stigma and conversation surrounding salaries while benchmarking global salaries of all levels of seniority, location, and gender. 💵

What to expect in this report

We put a series of questions to our customer success leaders to deduce:

  • What's the average salary for a Customer Success Manager?
  • What's the average baseline salary per region.
  • How can your earning potential vary, and how is dependent on your role?
  • Which industries are most lucrative for CS professionals?
  • Is there a pay discrepancy between genders?

What's in it for you?

Our latest report will help you:

  • Discover how much fellow CS professionals are earning.
  • Identify your earning potential as you climb the customer success ladder.
  • Verify if you’re being paid what you’re worth.
  • Plan out your next career move – and decide on a suitable paycheck.

Key insights

Our 40+ page deep dive into the world of CS compensation will enlighten you about industry secrets like:

💰 The average baseline global salary for all CS professionals – from CSMs to VPs – is $100,666 (before tax).

👩 Female VPs of Customer Success are paid 15% less than their male counterparts.

😃 We asked our participants to rate their overall happiness with their salary on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. The average rating clocked in at a respectable, mid-range 6.8/10.

🎪 CS professionals who’ve attended a conference to further their learning and development earn $24,061 more than those who haven’t attended a professional L&D event.

📝 78.2% of CS professionals said that learning and development courses have had a positive impact on their career progression.

🧠 When asked what their employers could do to improve their satisfaction with their compensation, most people requested improved mental health support, a more transparent bonus structure, volunteer time off, and a higher percentage on renewals commission.

📉 Most customer success individuals work in businesses with a customer-first culture (41.7%), but these types of companies currently fall below the global average baseline salary by 2.9%.

💖 68% of our respondents want to stay with their current employer and don’t plan to leave.

🎓 People with a Master’s degree are paid nearly $11,000 per annum more than the global average baseline salary.

What’s the hold-up?

Download your *free* copy of the Customer Success Salary Survey 2023 today and see what all the fuss is about.

If your interest has been piqued, continue the conversation about salaries with other like-minded CS professionals in Customer Success Collective’s Slack community! ✏️