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The fourth edition of our State of Customer Success Report unpacks just how customer success is interpreted and carried out by companies across the globe.

Stop scratching your head wondering if your customer success role matches your peers'. It's time to start owning CS with confidence.

We’ve surveyed over 200 CSMs and CS leaders to understand what customer success looks like in 2024 so you can keep up to date with the latest in the field.

Want answers to these questions?

👔 What’s the most common CS leader to CSM ratio?

🏡 Do CSMs mainly work from home, or the office?

📈 Who owns what? Is customer success typically responsible for account expansion?

🤑 Show me the money! Is customer success rewarded for revenue growth with a commission of the sale?

🤬 What are the most common internal barriers CSMs and CS leaders face?

📏 Which KPIs are most common to measure customer success teams in 2024?

🤖 People have been talking a big talk about AI… but are CSMs actually using it?

📚 Okay, are companies enabling their CSMs with proper cross-departmental training?

👀 Am I doing the right thing? What are the main responsibilities of customer success?

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Reason #1: It’s tough keeping up with the developments in customer success, tons can change year on year. Save yourself hours flicking through Google with one master resource.

Reason #2: Not only is customer success a rapidly evolving business function, but it operates across different industries, products, KPIs, and – perhaps most critically – across different customer needs.

Reason #3: Because of this variety of interpretations, we surveyed customer success professionals from across the globe, to get a better understanding of the essential values, responsibilities, and strategies employed by customer success teams.

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Meet the experts whose commentary is featured in this report. 👇

Jess Galesnki

Director of Customer Success at Apryse

Mark Higginson

Chief Customer Officer at Screensteps

Haig Kingston

Head of Customer Success at OpenBlend

Cristy Rahman

Customer Success Specialist

25 topics. Four editions. Commentary from four experts. One free report.