Customer Success Collective's 23 in 2023


The customer success community is one of the most interactive and enthusiastic online professional communities in the world. We love it. So it’s no surprise that we want to shine a light and hear from the people at the core of this community.

Introducing…CSC’s 23 in 2023!

With the help of nominations from our fantastic community, we’ve selected 23 (twenty-three) individuals who have gone above and beyond this year in their customer success endeavors. These people are definitely ones to keep an eye on in the new year.

The aim of this report is to recognize, showcase, and celebrate the phenomenal work being achieved in the customer success community. Plus we've picked the brains of our gifted gaggle and asked their expert opinions on customer buying behaviors, what makes a great CSM, advocacy tips and more.

Who's made the list?

The 23 people we've selected have distinguished themselves, either as:

🧠 CS thought leaders on LinkedIn,

🗣️ Natural-born orators at one of our Customer Success Festivals,

Onboarding oracles in their organization, or

👋 Simply someone willing to lend a helping hand in the CSC Slack community.

Why should you download this report?

This report is your one-stop shop to discover some of the biggest names in customer success, earmarking those who we predict will continue to make huge waves in 2023. Not only this, we wanted to pick the brains of our shortlist.

Within the report, we ask our illustrious 23 questions ranging from tackling customer segmentation and driving product adoption, to fostering customer-centricity and what they think will affect CS in 2023. We asked, they answered.

By downloading this report, you’ll gain expert insights on a wide range of topics that you can ingest and take back to your team in the new year.