The Customer Success Onboarding Playbook: All Aboard in 7 Steps


All aboard! Revealing industry best practices with the insights of CS leaders, in partnership with GUIDEcx, this playbook will show you exactly how to position your customer interactions during this crucial stage in the customer journey. 👇

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Get your copy and gain access to a host of insights, including:

🎯 What customer onboarding actually is

✅ The necessary steps CS needs to take before the prospect converts

👋 Why you need to nail your introduction to the customer

🪜 Why a step-by-step tutorial is a must

🎉 The importance of acknowledging customer activity

🔮 Learn how to forecast and share risk

💰 Identify further revenue opportunities

🧠 How to reflect on your process and measure success

This playbook is your golden ticket to vital insights from customer success experts plying their trade at companies such as GUIDEcx, PublicInput, and LinkedIn; they’ve been there, done it, and mastered the art of onboarding – now, their exclusive expertise is within reach.

Why have we created it?

It’s no secret that the fate of a customer reaching their desired product outcomes is entirely dependent on the success of their onboarding process.

In fact, the responsibility of customer onboarding was voted to be one of the top three role responsibilities for CS professionals, along with promoting customer engagement and managing churn rates.

It’s vital that CSMs onboard their customers seamlessly, which is why this all-important topic had to be Customer Success Collective’s first playbook.

With this playbook, you can see the steps necessary for customer onboarding, what can go wrong later down the customer roadmap if onboarding isn’t done right, along with a few tips from industry experts found throughout.