This article is based on a presentation given by Melissa at our virtual Customer Success Festival in March 2023 when she occupied the position of VP of Customer Success at Screencastify.

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Steering the ship of customer success in today's dynamic SaaS landscape requires more than just a compass; it demands a deep dive into the ocean of customer sentiment. It's not enough to simply collect feedback; the true art lies in interpreting and weaving that feedback into the very fabric of the customer journey

I’m Melissa McMillan, VP of Customer Success at Screencastify. Over the last decade, I've dedicated myself to building customer success teams. My journey has taken me through the exciting challenge of establishing CS departments from the ground up - transforming them into efficient, effective units that are integral to a company's fabric. 

My role has always been to lay the groundwork - implementing software, creating processes and customer journeys, and assembling a team that can deliver on our promise of success to every customer.

In this article, I'll guide you through the intricate process of using sentiment to refine customer journeys, ensuring that your service isn't just a tool they use, but a cornerstone of their success.