This article is based on a presentation given by Thierry at the Customer Success Festival Amsterdam in May 2023.

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Client success is at the heart of any thriving business. It cultivates lasting relationships and fosters trust and loyalty with customers engaging with your products or services. 

With a saturated software market, client success can be the differentiating factor that elevates a company, turning satisfied customers into passionate advocates and fueling long-term growth and prosperity.

I’m Thierry Samson, Senior Client Success Director at Bazaarvoice, and I've been on a decades-long journey to understand and define the essential components that drive true success with our clients. 

Over time, I've distilled this down to four core dimensions that guide my daily interactions and decisions:

  • Maintain governance
  • Articulate strategy
  • Agree on plan
  • Evidence performance

They’ve not only shaped my approach to customer success but have become the compass that directs every email, meeting, and strategy I implement. 

Let me share with you how these four building blocks have evolved and how they can be applied to make a tangible difference in your client relationships.

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