While ‘empathy at scale’ is a beautiful tagline, it's a difficult problem to solve. Why? Customer success is all about ensuring that your customers succeed at using the products that you build.

At PayPal, we’re committed to ensuring that our customers aren’t only able to get through the onboarding process successfully, but that they enjoy a fruitful relationship with the org for a long time.

That’s the most difficult task: how do you stay committed not only to your new customers but to those that you have been with for a long time?

It’s a tricky topic, so here’s a breakdown of our main talking points:

But before we dive in, here’s a little bit of background on myself and how we handle customer success at PayPal.

About me and PayPal

I’m privileged in my role to lead the customer success platform at PayPal. In that role, I serve many colleagues around the world. We're building technology to do exactly what the tagline says: deliver empathy at scale.

For many people, PayPal is a button on our website. When they think about us, they think about a yellow button with ‘PayPal’ on it.  But we’re much more than that. Our presence as a global financial service FinTech behemoth extends across various sectors: in-store, contextual commerce and eCommerce loyalty. You name it, we’re there.

When it comes to online payments, PayPal has a huge global presence - we serve over 400 million customers around the world.