Customer education is turning out to be a key differentiator between businesses that thrive and those that survive.

A thriver often performs 2.7 times better than survivors when it comes to brand loyalty and safe use of products, putting customer education as a practice that should lead from the front instead of being an afterthought.

So, how can your business utilize customer education in order to become a thriver?

Replay this webinar and explore why strong customer education programs are essential for increasing product adoption, reducing churn, and driving customer loyalty & advocacy.

Key takeaways

  • Why customer education needs to lead from the front
  • How to build and measure an effective customer education program
  • Supporting your program with the right tech features
  • The need for composing your customer education team correctly


Dr. Allen Partridge, Director of Evangelism, Adobe

Allen Partridge, Ph.D. has 20 years of experience in e-learning, education, games, and multimedia development. He is recognized for his video tutorials, which are a mainstay for e-learning developers and trainers who are learning to create effective online educational materials.