Along with moving house, job applications have got to be up there in some of the most stressful and time-consuming processes you’ll undertake in life.

Whether you’re on the look for your next customer success promotion or are on the hunt for a brand-new role, it can help to have a few words of wisdom to guide you on your interview process

Rather than go into the process unprepared, why not find out how you should be going about the odyssey that is résumé building, interview preparation, and networking madness? 

We’ve uncovered this and more, right here on the CS School podcast with none other than customer success professional, Romiel Noumbissi. Whether you’re looking to break into the CS scene, are looking for a lateral career move, are perhaps in-between jobs, or simply want to climb the ranks, this episode will be right up your alley. 👇

Key discussion points

➡️ How to craft a stand-out résume to catch the attention of employers

➡️ The importance of storytelling during the interview process

➡️ Staying up-to-date with industry trends

➡️ Strategies to provide thoughtful and impactful interview responses

➡️ Tips for building and maintaining a solid network within the CS community

➡️ The role of LinkedIn in the recruitment game

A little bit about Romiel

Romiel’s an experienced software professional with a background in customer success management, partner onboarding, and corporate sales.

Throughout Romiel’s career, he’s successfully managed portfolios ranging from dozens of customers to hundreds, implemented growth strategies at startups and public companies alike, and delivered complex projects to drive revenue growth and customer retention.


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