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Customer feedback data can be a great source of inspiration and validation for how product teams build new products and features.

But how can you effectively manage the torrent of incoming customer ideas, ensure feedback makes it to the right people and close the loop with their customers?

Join this webinar to explore how to leverage feedback and start addressing common feedback challenges.

Key takeaways:

  • Feedback processes that work for CS, product and your users
  • How to use data points and Pendo reports
  • Keeping your customers informed on what you're working on and why
  • Top tips for collaboration and making your team feel empowered


Hannah Chaplin, Product Marketing Principal at Pendo

Hannah settled at Pendo over two years ago through the acquisition of her late business. She loves everything to do with building products, chatting about product feedback, using data in product decisions and mobile app development.

Rebecca Notté, Product Operations Manager at Pendo

Rebecca has seen how companies operate from many different perspectives, including Customer Success, Finance & HR, Product Management, and most recently, Product Operations. She loves the challenge of collaborating cross-functionally to find where the gaps are & solve problems.

Watch this OnDemand