This article is based on a presentation given by Matt at the Customer Success Festival in New York in 2023.

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My name is Matt Kaplon, and I’m the Director of Enterprise Client Success at Indeed. I’m excited to explore the topic of delivering value to your most complex customers.

In this article, I’m going to provide:

  • A brief introduction and explain why I’m the right person to talk about this subject
  • Some context about Indeed and the challenges we face in delivering value to our complex customers
  • Four key insights you can take back to your own companies regarding delivering value to your complex clients

My role at Indeed

In my current role as the CS Enterprise Director, I lead our logistics and strategic accounts vertical. I oversee a team of around 50 indirect Customer Success Managers (CSMs) who report to my org. Over the past couple of years, we have built the strategic account vertical from the ground up, and I have gained valuable insights from this experience.

Let's dive into Indeed and its mission, as it is essential to understanding our company's core values.