Cristy Rahman is a passionate customer success professional who has a deep love for enabling clients to thrive, succeed, and exceed their goals. 

Cristy has a track record of delivering impactful programs and concepts, changing the trajectory of the organizations she partners with. For Cristy, customer success goes beyond the 9- 5; she’s deeply committed to building relationships that last a lifetime, an ethos that remains “at the center of [her] CS world.”

Cristy first found out about the Customer Success Collective (CSC) Ambassador program after she signed up to the CSC community on Slack and was perusing the website. But what was the lightning-bolt motivation behind Cristy’s decision to become an Ambassador? Like many of our Ambassadors, Cristy thought it would be a fantastic way to impactfully involve herself with the CS community. 

It was a no-brainer; Cristy knew the Ambassador program would give her the opportunity to collaborate, learn, network, and grow as a professional. And we’re pleased as punch to report she’s not looked back since!

But that’s enough gabbing from us – let’s hear what Cristy has to say. 👇

What inspired Cristy to join the Ambassador program?

"There were a few reasons that factored into my decision to become a CSC Ambassador. I started reading articles on the CSC website and listening to podcast episodes they’d published. By the time I heard about the program and had chatted with the CSC team, I knew I wanted to join the program." 

How has the program lived up to Cristy’s expectations?

"The program has definitely lived up to my expectations. I’ve learned tons from my peers, met amazing professionals along the way, and had the opportunity to attend the Customer Success Festival in Chicago. The journey has been incomparable to anything I have ever experienced in my professional career. I’m looking forward to continuing to contribute to the community, adding value to the organization, and meeting more like-minded professionals."

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How did this program stand out above market alternatives? 

"This particular Ambassadorship encourages creativity, standing out, and being different. From my experience, all Ambassadors are encouraged to contribute to the customer success field in non-traditional ways – whether that’s appearing on a podcast, arranging a regional meetup, or providing feedback on a course. 

"I’ve noticed that the team at Customer Success Collective is open-minded and always eager to work with the Ambassadors. I’ve always had a clear impression that the team wants to know me beyond my job title and express excitement to create proactive collaboration, which results in phenomenal content and experiences. 

"I felt like part of the team from our very first conversations. The level of involvement was more than what I have been offered in the past with other organizations on the market. CSC’s devotion to positive outcomes shows through every single touchpoint. 

"I couldn’t turn down the chance to be a part of something as special as the Ambassador program with Customer Success Collective." 

Which aspects of the Ambassador program did Cristy find the most valuable? 

"All aspects of the Ambassador program are valuable. I love collaborating with the talented CSC team, attending webinars, reviewing course content, writing article content, recording podcasts, attending events… the list goes on!"

How has Cristy utilized the free Pro membership included in the Ambassador program? 

"There is a wealth of knowledge available through CSC. I’ve utilized the Pro membership and am grateful to have access to amazing content and courses. 

"Being given a Pro membership is not only rewarding, but its access also helps Ambassadors like myself continually improve and speak to the resources that CSC has to offer." 

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Cristy’s contributions to the CSC community 

"There are tons of different ways to contribute to the CSC community, but here’s how I’ve got involved:

"I’ve also promoted content via LinkedIn, spreading the word about CSC far and wide! I’ve networked and shared the benefits of the Ambassador program with other CS professionals who I know would be great additions." 

Networking opportunities with the CSC Ambassador program

"This experience has helped me network tremendously by giving me a platform to have conversations with new connections in the CS community on Slack and LinkedIn. 

Another great opportunity to network was at Customer Success Festival Chicago in November 2023. It was fantastic meeting and chatting with others in the customer success space."

How the Ambassador program has impacted Cristy’s professional growth 

"This experience has positively impacted my professional growth by enabling me to share my voice and knowledge with others. I was given the opportunity to make waves in an evolving industry. As a result, this opened doors to intriguing conversations and the start of some amazing professional relationships."

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The negative impact of not joining CSC’s Ambassador program

"If I had not joined CSC’s Ambassador program, I would not have had a platform to share the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my career. I wouldn’t have had the chance to network with top customer success talent or collaborate and learn from the best in the industry."

But… does Cristy recommend others to become CSC Ambassadors? 

"Yes, I would absolutely recommend others to join the program! If you want to enhance your career, learn from talented customer success professionals, network with the cream of the crop, and build your personal brand - this is the place for you! 

"I’d set out to achieve all of this and more when I first joined the CSC community. Now, I can confidently say this has been made a reality with the Ambassador program."

Cristy’s advice to any aspiring CSC Ambassadors

"Let your passion for the work you do show. This is your chance to shine, so don’t be timid. You get out what you put in, so put in as much as you can into the experience and you won’t regret it! 

"Get involved, stay proactive, and watch your love for customer success grow."

Become a Customer Success Collective Ambassador

Do you want to develop your personal brand? Do you want to contribute to our community’s content? Do you want to help run networking meetups with like-minded customer success professionals in your local area? 

If even just one of these is a "yes," you’ll fit right in with Customer Success Collective’s Ambassador program.

Our Ambassador program is designed to give you the space to establish yourself in customer success, but it’s not rigid by any stretch; you can tailor it to be exactly what you want!