“When you have that rapport with customers, you’re able to talk about what needs to happen in their company. You can then help guide that conversation better for both parties."

Most companies drop the ball when nurturing customers into passionate advocates. Advocacy is the real payoff. So, why are so many companies getting it wrong? 

For customer success specialist Cristy Rahman, CSMs are the customers' true compass toward advocacy.

In this episode, we dive deep into the vital role Customer Success Managers play in championing their clients and ensuring lasting success - bridging that critical gap between closing the deal and nurturing long-term customer relationships.

Cristy brings a wealth of experience from her background in sales and her passion for customer success. She shares how shifting from transactional sales interactions to prioritizing relationships completely transformed her approach to customer success.

What we discussed

In this insightful episode, Cristy opens up about the transformative journey of CSMs toward championing customer advocacy, focusing on key areas such as:

  • Her transition from sales to customer success and its profound effect on cultivating deeper customer connections.
  • The critical importance of seamlessly passing the baton from sales to you, the CSM, to kickstart the advocacy journey.
  • Essential strategies you can employ to build rapport and trust, laying the groundwork for strong advocacy.
  • How to navigate the bumps along the way and keep your customers' trust when outcomes fall short of expectations.
  • The power of empathy and proactive communication in solidifying your relationship with customers.
  • Actionable advice tailored for you, the CSM, to foster advocacy by aligning with customer goals and sharing valuable insights for shared victories.
  • Aiming beyond mere satisfaction to extend customer lifetime value through deliberate advocacy and partnership efforts.

A little bit about Cristy

Cristy is a seasoned business professional renowned for her dynamic approach to customer success and relationship-building. With a wealth of experience in management, outside and inside B2B sales, she brings a customer-focused, results-oriented mindset to every endeavor.

Cristy's genuine passion for cultivating long-term client relationships, combined with her deep understanding of the industry, allows her to deliver exceptional value and contribute to the overall success of the organizations she works with.


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