This article was transcribed from a presentation given at our virtual Customer Success Festival in October 2022.

Hey, my name is Mark and I’m the Chief Customer Officer Roster. I’m going to talk you through some methodologies and best practices to help you make sales skills part of the customer success toolkit.

I’m going to help you make sure that everyone in your organization is communicating the same way, so you can establish the real uses and capabilities of your product and create greater success.

Without further ado, shall we?

Three fun things to remember

Before we get into how you can integrate sales skills into your toolkit, I’m going to go over some key principles that I want you to keep in mind.

Perfect the journey (there can only be one!)

We need to make sure there is one, unified customer journey. Marketing, business development, sales, implementation, customer success, customer service, and technical support all need to be part of the same journey, the same message, and the same story.

Sales and customer success need to be unified

Whatever sales are trying to establish when they’re selling, we need to back that up as Customer Success Managers. We need to make sure that we are exposing any new goals that customers have and making sure that throughout every step of the journey, customers see where they are in relation to the goal they established when they first came to us.

Sales skills are universal and essential

Sales does the same things that customer success does every day: they identify goals, align them with our company’s goals, and form a mutually beneficial partnership. The skills that allow them to do this transcend all departments. Let’s take a closer look.