This article is based on a presentation given by Dominic at the Customer Success Festival in Las Vegas, in May 2023.

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The technology investment landscape is changing. There’s a shift from an intense growth-focused climate, marked by a fear of missing out, to the current state of heightened scrutiny and accountability, FOMU – fear of messing up.

I'm Dominic Constandi, the Chief Customer Officer at ZoomInfo. If you aren't familiar with us, we primarily offer go-to-market intelligence. Although many people think of us as a data company, we offer way more than that.

On top of our data assets, we have a variety of platforms and solutions designed to help identify potential buyers. These solutions provide guidance on how to reach out to them, the best time to make contact, and the right person to engage within the organization.

In this article, we'll navigate the current tumultuous economic waters, and explore risk mitigation, customer management strategies, as well as the necessity of maintaining an awareness-first approach to mitigate churn.