“I believe in the power of technology, but organizations are different, there is no ‘one size fits all.’ Therefore, everyone needs to see where they are, at what point they stand, and where they stand, in order to define the priorities and objectives they're trying to achieve.”

When you’re wanting to scale your customer success function, it can be a nightmare knowing where to focus your attention. Am I mapping the customer journey properly? Do I have enough resources to successfully meet my clients’ needs? My clients are becoming more complex – how do I best serve them?

And a huge question in any Customer Success Manager’s mind when growing their CS function is: “Is my tech stack up to scratch?”

On the CS School podcast asking these important questions is Achraf Maouloudi, a Customer Success Strategist with a thing or two to say about tech in CS.

Tune into this episode to find out everything you need to know about leveraging the right technology to make both your organization and your customers successful.

Key discussion points

A little bit about Achraf

Achraf stumbled upon customer success by chance, coming from a background primarily focused on customer support. However, he always had the inclination to go beyond reactive measures and explore ways to streamline the overall customer experience.

Curiosity led him to research if there was a specific concept for this, and to his delight, he discovered customer success. Eager to learn more, he embarked on a self-guided journey of exploration and education.


Customer Success Tools of Choice 2022
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