Every CSM will be all too familiar with one unavoidable stage in customer success. The journey from a customer's first interaction with your product to their long-term success hinges on one crucial phase: customer implementation. It bridges a promising sales pitch and the tangible value a customer derives from your service. 

Yet, many companies still need to work on perfecting this art, often blurring the lines between terms like “adoption” and “implementation.” But what if there was a way to streamline this process, ensuring that every customer understands your product and becomes its champion?

Enter Deanna Sotolongo, Senior Implementation Manager at Catalyst, our esteemed guest for this episode of the CS School podcast. 

With a wealth of experience under her belt, Deanna dives deep into the nuances of customer implementation, shedding light on Catalyst's unique approach and sharing invaluable insights that every SaaS company can benefit from.

Key discussion points

  • Adoption vs. implementation
  • The Catalyst approach to implementation
  • The sales-to-CS handover
  • Stakeholder involvementValue realization metrics


A little bit about Deanna

Deanna’s the Senior Implementation Manager at Catalyst so expect to have all your burning questions about implementation answered and more. 

Deanna’s a strategic thinker with over nine years of helping tech-driven companies excel in customer success. Deanna is customer-success obsessed and thrives at de-escalating client frustrations by working cross-departmentally in order to provide speedy solutions for clients.  

A little bit about Catalyst

As the difficulty, and often cost of customer acquisition increases, driving sustainable revenue growth through your customers has become today's most critical business mandate. Founded by customer success leaders, Catalyst uniquely understands the challenges of driving lifelong customer revenue, and they've built a platform to address exactly that.  

Catalyst is today's industry leader of choice for customer revenue optimization that delivers the business value you need without the admin cost, adoption time, or technical depth of market alternatives. Catalyst software is a customer success tool that helps centralize customer data, get a clearer view of customer health, and scale experiences that drive retention and growth. So let's get stuck in with this episode.

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