Looking to maximize the value of your customer success team’s work and make sure the whole organization knows about it? Look no further!

We’ve gathered a panel of seasoned CS professionals to share their insights on how to effectively communicate the value of CS and drive maximum return on investment (ROI) through your CS team’s activities.  

Meet our all-star lineup:

🌟 Rebecca Nerad, VP of Customer Success at E2Open,

🌟 Michael Hill, former Customer Success Manager at Kuber (currently Strategic Customer Success Manager at Madison Logic),

🌟 Jessie Miño, Customer Success Manager at Robin, and

🌟 Yana Myaskovskaya, former Director of Customer Success at Threekit (currently Head of Customer Success at Bodhi).

Keep reading to learn more about the ROI that CS teams can bring to any organization and how you can make sure your cross-functional teams and customers know all about it.