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Hi there! My name is Dominic Constandi, and I'm Vice President of Customer Experience at ZoomInfo. I'm excited to share a look at how to balance stats with personal knowledge across various levels of scale.

Here we have our handy dandy agenda:

  1. A menu of metrics – We're going to broach this first by taking a quick tour through some of our favorite stats, metrics, and CS acronyms.
  2. Closing the gap We’ll highlight how a super stats dashboard, while undeniably powerful, won't tell us everything we want to know about our customers then explore some methods for closing the gap.
  3. Looking upwards – We’ll talk about how we can reach a more highly evolved state of CS where qualitative data, your personal knowledge, and your prior experience can be used to make data-driven decisions.

A menu of metrics

Let’s start by taking a look at the usual suspects.

I've very loosely grouped these metrics into three broad categories: firmographic, adoption, and CSAT and health. This list is certainly not meant to be exhaustive, merely representative of some of the things that you might measure or care about, depending upon your org maturity, budget, tech stack, resource allotment, etc.