“Digital customer success is about engaging the customer at the right time and the right persona, at the right time, to help customers along their customer journey and get to their outcomes."

The intersection of digital innovation and human touch has become a focal point for Customer Success Managers (CSMs) leaders seeking to elevate the customer experience. 

Our latest podcast episode delves into this fascinating confluence, featuring an insightful conversation with a seasoned expert in digital customer success: Alex Turkovic, Director of Adoption Programs (Digital Customer Success & Customer Education) at Snow Software

This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone looking to demystify digital customer success and leverage it to its full potential. Alex expertly navigates through the complexities of digital customer engagement, the critical role of generative AI, and the indispensable balance between technology and human interaction. 

With engaging anecdotes and practical advice, the conversation reveals how digital customer success strategies can not only simplify processes but also significantly amplify the impact of customer success teams. 

Whether you're a customer success professional aiming to refine your strategy or simply curious about the future of customer engagement, this episode offers valuable insights into making digital customer success a driving force in your organization.

Discussion points

Simply plug your AirPods in and finish the episode with these key takeaways:

  • The core principles of demystifying digital customer success
  • Strategies for integrating human touch with digital tools
  • Leveraging generative AI to enhance CS efficiency
  • Balancing technological enablement with empathy
  • Actionable steps for CSMs in small organizations
  • Achieving high touch at scale through digital means
  • Identifying and utilizing the all-important digital CS sweet spot

A little bit about Alex

With a rich background that spans audio engineering in the music industry to leading customer education and digital customer success initiatives, Alex brings a unique perspective to the table, shedding light on the transformative power of digital tools and strategies in enhancing customer journeys.

You want more? Ask and you shall receive! Alex spoke about this very topic at Customer Success Festival Austin, participating in a panel discussion on the future of CS, and delivering a keynote presentation on “Human & machine symbiosis in digital customer success.” 

Couldn't make it to Austin? Not a problem. You can watch Alex's keynote and panel discussion OnDemand.

Just don’t wait around to get FOMO.


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