In this article, I want to get you thinking about your value as a customer success (CS) professional a little bit differently and I’ll do so by showing how the value of CS success can be found simply by looking at the tools a fighter pilot uses every day.

My name’s Mike Lee, I'm the Director of Customer Success at Spreedly, and in this article, I'll talk about the value of customer success in the COVID era.

Spreedly is a payments orchestration organization that helps fast-growing merchants and platforms get more flexibility on their digital payment strategy. Customers such as Rappi, one of the largest food delivery companies in Latin America, use us to be able to quickly expand to new markets and immediately accept payments in geographies.  

Seatgeek, another example, is an event ticketing company that uses Spreedly to increase the likelihood of online payment successes. This gives them more revenue and enhances customer experience.

My team at Spreedly is very proud of how we grow our customers, create that relationship and trust, and really enhance the experience they have.

For this article, I would like to take a moment to have you think about our value as customer success professionals a little bit differently. I like to take abstract ideas and connect them to what customer success is and what it could be - this article is no different.