After being made redundant, Customer Success Strategist, Cristy Rahman, came across Customer Success Collective (CSC). Recommended to her by a former colleague, she was looking for new opportunities to network and absorb as much customer success information as possible.

After checking out the various resources available online, she decided to sign up for a Customer Success Collective Pro membership.

In this case study, she tells us:

  1. What motivated her to become a Customer Success Collective Pro member
  2. The best part of being a member
  3. How her CSC Pro membership supports her day-to-day responsibilities
  4. How her CSC Pro membership supports internal projects
  5. The career benefits of a CSC Pro membership
  6. Why she chose CSC over market alternatives
  7. Her advice for anyone considering investing in a CSC Pro membership

Why Cristy signed up to become a member

It’s a cold-hard truth, sometimes the old ways are the best ways, and finding out about something via word-of-mouth is one of the more credible introductions. And what better way from a colleague?

“I was laid off in early February and immediately heard from a former colleague. He shared that he was a part of several customer success professional groups, and recommended I do the same.
“The benefits were meeting and networking with other customer success professionals and, of course, learning from the groups – one of the groups he recommended was Customer Success Collective.
“As soon as I started seeing the great things the group was sharing with its followers and members, I immediately knew I wanted to contribute in a bigger way. This led me to become a CSC Ambassador!”

The highlights of a CSC Pro membership

The CSC Pro membership offers an abundance of resources and networking opportunities for Customer Success Managers and their teams – everything from OnDemand talks by seasoned CS leaders to discounts for our festivals and courses.

So, with so many perks to choose from, which are Cristy’s favorites?

“I really like the content that CSC shares. The resources are well-written and helpful. I enjoy meeting new people and was motivated to meet more customer success professionals.
“As a bonus, the team working at CSC is proactive and leads the community by vocalizing what they learn, have to offer, and are always open to help.”

How a CSC Pro membership supports Cristy’s day-to-day responsibilities

With a CSC Pro membership plan, you gain access to a treasure trove of resources – from templates and frameworks to exclusive articles, and OnDemand video content.

But what is it about our membership that has brought something to the table and aided Cristy's day-to-day responsibilities?

“There hasn’t been anything I’ve come across that hasn’t been helpful in my career so far. The articles are impactful and the members-only webinars have been applicable.
“In general, there’s always new content being shared with the community that gives customer success professionals more insight on the current state of CS, how to improve in our careers and thrive in the industry.”

How a CSC Pro membership helps with internal projects

CSMs have a phenomenal amount on their plate. But how does a CSC Pro membership help Cristy manage her internal projects?

“The articles with guidance on how to handle projects, etc. have been very helpful in tweaking my approach and process. Learning from other customer success professionals has made me more well-rounded and enables me to build on the experience I have obtained thus far. “

The career benefits of a CSC Pro membership

Customer success hasn’t been on the scene all that long, so progressing in your career isn’t perhaps the most straightforward route. There’s lots to learn and career path is still in its formative stages, so finding the support you need isn’t always straightforward.

With this in mind, Cristy told us how being a Customer Success Collective Pro member has supported her career plans:

“It’s given me the opportunity to meet other customer success professionals.
“By networking with other professionals, I have been able to learn from them, hear their experiences, and share my own as well. The organization has given me an opportunity to discuss topics regarding CS with these members as well. I’ve been able to stay informed about the industry by being a member of CSC.”

Why Cristy chose CSC’s Pro membership over alternatives

Despite customer success being an emerging function, there are other membership plans on the market. But what made CSC’s stand out?

“I noticed that CSC is very active on social media and in general with promoting their brand. There’s always something being posted or shared. Plus, they’re also very responsive when it comes to feedback and answering questions.
“There are organizations out there that take a passive approach; a more passive approach has always made me feel like the organization doesn’t care about its members. CSC is the exact opposite and it keeps me coming back.”

Thinking of signing up for a CSC Pro membership?

Cristy left us with one final piece of advice for anyone on the fence about becoming a member of Customer Success Collective.

“Don’t think about it, just do it! You’ll learn a ton and grow professionally with this membership.
“Being a part of a community of professionals who have experience like yours or have similar – in many cases the same title – to you, has tremendous benefits.
“Network with those that are like-minded and learn from everyone you meet through CSC. The positive outcomes of being a part of CSC are endless!”