“I think the common thing that's consistent across the board, is that the CSMs are very much on the frontline of working with customers day in and day out. They have really strong relationships with their customers, or should. And because of that, they’re ideally suited to identify where those potential expansion and upsell points are, and where growth areas might be within the company.”

Balancing your sales and customer success functions is crucial for any growing business seeking to drive revenue while delivering ongoing value. 

But there are ongoing questions that surround both customer success and sales functions: who’s responsible for revenue growth, customer outcomes, and new acquisition metrics, and how can C-suite leadership create alignment between the two?

There isn’t anyone better suited to answer our burning questions and shed light on this critical topic than Chris Dishman, SVP of Customer Success at Totango

Key discussed points

We sat down with Chris and dived into the nuances between these two pillars, specifically how to:

  • Discern how the customer success role has evolved in relation to sales,
  • Foster collaboration between teams,
  • Steward seamless transitions and handoffs,
  • Intertwine metrics for mutually reinforced success.

Get your AirPods ready for practical wisdom on fostering a tight-knit relationship between sales and CS from one of SaaS's most respected CS leaders.


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A little bit about our guest

Chris is a passionate, results-driven leader focused on improving customer experiences through strong relationships and creative solutions. With 20+ years spent leading customer-focused teams, he enables positive outcomes and inspires excellence.

A little bit about Totango

Totango - the customer success software your business can't outgrow. Totango provides unlimited scalability and unmatched time to value to help cross-functional teams drive productivity, retention, and expansion. 

Used by some of the biggest customer success teams in the world like S.A.P., Github, Schneider Electric, and Aircall, Totango provides a 360-degree view of customer health, to collaboratively manage customer portfolios, and engage proactively and intelligently with customers.

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