For the most part, customer success tends to operate within tech companies that offer a subscription service (SaaS), and by and large, our audience will be familiar with B2B SaaS companies.

When people think of customer relationship management in regular businesses, our mind is drawn to customer support or customer service.

But customer success goes beyond the confines of a team or a department. It ought to be absorbed into the wider organization’s philosophy, and whether that’s in a company that sells subscriptions or one that provides education, customer success has a place.

Listen to discover

  • The key differences between CS in SaaS companies with a rolling, subscribed customer, and a more traditional, non-subscription business model
  • How core SaaS metrics like retention, churn and health scores can be applied to non-SaaS business models
  • The ways in which customer success functions in SaaS companies could learn from the way non-SaaS companies
  • Mimi's advice to a non-SaaS company looking to implement a customer success function

A little bit about Mimi

Mimi is a CS wizard, having a varied and illustrious career with a background not only in customer success but account management, marketing & business development in the B2B SaaS world and non-SaaS alike.

Beyond BookSmart provides executive function coaching to students in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. Their mission is to empower students to manage themselves effectively by providing tools, strategies, and mentoring that lead to a lifetime of success, allowing them to clarify and achieve what is important to them, be more fulfilled, and contribute to a better world.

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