🚨 Nominations for the Customer Success Collective 2023 Awards have now closed, thank you to everyone who nominated!

Would you believe it? It’s that time of year again. Time to sit back and reflect on the awe-inspiring talent we’re seeing flourish this side of the sales funnel – the world of customer success.

To us, and thousands of online members of the community, customer success professionals are superheroes of business. We think it’s about time that those crushers of churn, these enablers of end goals, are celebrated for their work.

We have four incredible categories to honor four extraordinary recipients.

So dust off your glad rags, block out October 12, 2023 in your diaries and get nominating your CS heroes.

Key dates for your diary

💌 Submission deadline: September 14, 2023

🌟 Finalists shortlisted: September 28, 2023

🏆 Winners announced: October 12, 2023*

*The Customer Success Awards 2023 ceremony will take place online over during our Virtual Customer Success Festival on October 12, 2023.

Customer Success Leader of the Year

The Customer Success Leader of the Year could be someone who’s given a kick-ass presentation or penned an article that inspired a "eureka" moment for you. Perhaps they’re just awesome on LinkedIn. Either way, they’re an all-out champion of customer success.

If you know someone who fits the bill, here’s the opportunity to cast your vote and nominate them as Customer Success Leader of the Year. 👑

Best Customer Success Tool

Okay, this one goes out to the company that provides the best CS software solution. Earlier this year, we produced a go-to directory for the favored tools of customer success professionals: from tools used for segmentation and gathering feedback, to ones that detect churn.

What’s your ride-or-die customer success tool? If there’s a program that you couldn’t live without, cast your vote to spread the word of its majesty! 🔧

Customer Success Rising Star

Customer success is a proactive, forward-thinking discipline focused on outcomes. By that definition, it’s hardly surprising that we should shout out the new blood coursing through the veins of CS.

If someone you know has just started their career in CS and is making big waves, sling a nomination their way and give them the kudos they deserve. To quote the iconic Manchester band, The Stone Roses, “The past is yours, but the future’s mine!” 🍋

Customer Success Team of the Year

Finally, this award is a special one. It’s for the best customer success team. Have you got one in mind? No person is an island, and teamwork certainly does make the dream work. Customer success flourishes with the help and dedication of other team members, from that sense of community.

Whether your team is smashing its KPIs out of the park, or simply has a close-knit culture, if you’re lucky enough to work in the world’s best CS team, then shout it from the rooftops! 🥇

The judging criteria

What does it take to win one of our awesome awards?

We're looking for customer success aficionados who are changing the game for the better.

Specifically, we're looking for cold hard proof.

Flaunt those facts and figures highlighting the real impact made:

  • Increased retention
  • Sky-high customer satisfaction
  • Unparalleled empathy
  • Visionary leader
  • 11/10 team player

This list is just a guide, so feel free to add anything else that might make you or the person you’re nominating stand out from the rest.

Fancy winning next year?

If you'd like to be nominated by your peers and win next year, you can put yourself in good stead with our Customer Success Leadership Accelerator course.

With our fellowship program, you’ll cover all the bases (and more!) in a concise and rewarding package. Through facilitated discussion and networking, you’ll have a refreshed perspective allowing you to return to work and make decisions to benefit your business and your career growth. 👇