“By splitting value realization into expected value and achieved value, you can get a good gauge on your engagement with your customer."

Value: the beating heart of a business, and something every company should be hell-bent on ensuring in all its forms.

Value encompasses the monetary, material, or assessed worth of an asset, good, or service, while also being intricately linked to an array of concepts like stakeholder value and market value. It's one of those terms in business where there's no way of escaping it. And when it comes to customer success, everything should be geared around providing maximum value for your external stakeholders: your customers.

In this episode of the CS School podcast, we’re joined by Customer Success Evangelist, Haig Kingston, to discuss how you can ensure value is at the center of your customer success frameworks.

Key talking points

  • Understanding what value means
  • How to measure value realization.
  • The five pillars of customer success.
  • A real-life example where a value-led customer success framework significantly improved a customer's experience.

A little bit about Haig

Haig stumbled into customer success about 11 years ago after returning from working overseas. Initially, he started in account management, but over time, the role evolved into a sales leadership position. His experience spans various industries, including payroll, HR, and HCM software. Throughout his career, he’s always gravitated towards customer-centric roles, focusing on customer experience and excellence.

Haig’s been fortunate to work for exceptional organizations globally and domestically, where customer success is prioritized and customers are at the core of everything. He’s got a passion for working with customers and assisting them in achieving value and becoming advocates.


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