“We need to be able to demonstrate to our customer (and for ourselves) how we're being successful and driving impact,” implores Monica Flaherty, Global Business Strategy Team Leader of Customer Success at Microsoft.

In this episode of CS Connect, Vish and Monica discuss the unique challenges that customer success faces within the customer relationship management (CRM) space and implementing customers' business outcomes.

A little bit about our guest

Monica leads a strategy team that develops the strategy for Microsoft’s CS team for business applications, which includes programs such as Dynamics 365, Power Platform, as well as their insights products – all end-user, business-focused software.

Michelle has a wonderfully rich resumé – perfect for the multifarious nature of the customer success function. Prior to being at Microsoft, Monica spent six years in Salesforce’s customer success department, and before this, she ran her own business centered around CRM implementation services for her customers.

Key takeaways

Takeaway #1

When an organization adopts CRM to modernize its business operations, it is important that the sole focus isn’t purely operational metrics like system performance, system uptime, or the total number of users. What is important is to go beyond operational metrics and track the business outcomes, which is the only effective way you can judge the success of the program.

Takeaway #2

Before engaging with the customer, it’s imperative for the CSM to consider the two different customer roles they’re dealing with. Firstly, the person holding the technology and operational metrics. Secondly, the person who holds the business process transformation and the business outcomes. For a successful implementation, you need buy-in from these two critical stakeholders.

Takeaway #3

The surefire ways to get a seat at the table and gain credibility within your organization:

  • Know your customers inside-out
  • Read your company’s 10-K and your industry’s history
  • Listen to sales calls
  • What are your competitors doing for technology and automation?
  • Become a trusted advisor to your customers

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