State of Customer Churn 2023 | Take the survey


This is a public service announcement to all CSMs! Are you sick of customers churning? Do you want to know how other companies are reducing their churn rate? Then hold on tight.

We’re creating a brand-new industry-leading report all about how churn is tackled and monitored by organizations in the current customer success landscape. And you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s going to be meaty. But first, we need your help. We want to know about your experiences with customer churn to create a true reflection for the customer success community.

Why we’re creating this report

Customer churn is a pervasive element of SaaS business models. Unfortunately, it’s an unavoidable one too. Every organization will deal with volumes of customers leaving, in some form or other.

The general public perception of churn casts it in the role of a CSM’s own living, breathing saboteur. But what can be done? How can we demystify and break down this business bogeyman?

With this report, we aim to provide greater clarity on how customer success teams are dealing with churn and share proven strategies for churn mitigation.

If that sounds like something you’d love to see, then make sure you have your two cents.

Don’t keep it to yourself!

Once you’ve taken the time to fill out our survey, feel free to share it with your peers so we can collate as much juicy churn intel as humanely possible. Because (and you heard it here first) there's nothing more we revel in than slicing and dicing customer success data.