“How do I see tech touch coming into play? I see that it’s really going to make a difference, specifically, if you’ve got one customer who isn't going to respond well to a QBR, or who perhaps doesn't want a biweekly call. We need to make sure they’re engaged in other ways."

Customer segmentation is an indispensable part of customer success. Without it, you can’t truly aim to provide every customer with the service and experience they require. 

In this episode of CS School, we sat down with Kimberly Ayala, Director of Customer Success (North & South America) at Akeneo, and chatted about everything segmentation-related. Digital segmentation, AKA “tech touch” is touted as a vital approach in all businesses, but how and why is it employed? 

Tune in to find out just how Akeneo’s customer success team tackles this crucial topic.

Key topics

  • How you can customize your tech touch approach for different segments
  • Akeneo’s secret recipe for efficiency through technology
  • What automation and AI really mean for segmentation
  • How you can segment to monetize customer success
  • The trick to balancing tech touch with customer expectations
  • Kimberly’s advice for overcoming challenges with customer segmentation


A little about our guest

Customer success has been Kimberly’s calling for over a decade now – you could say she’s one of the OGs in this field! Her passion for helping customers achieve their goals lit a fire early on. She loves rolling up her sleeves, getting scrappy, and doing whatever it takes to drive success.

The thrill of project management combined with a genuine connection with people makes customer success the perfect space for her. 

Now, Kimberly’s fortunate to lead a team of remarkable CSMs, a task she finds deeply fulfilling as she helps them grow into their own as professionals. 

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