You heard it here first: Don’t underestimate the power of online communities. They're more important now than ever, especially in our hyperconnected world that values self-service with constant, open conversations with like-minded people. 

But online communities aren’t just for lifestyle advice or fan forums. Businesses can harness the power of community to scale operations, including your customer success function. 

No longer are you confined to one-on-one interactions; online communities allow you to reach, educate, and support a multitude of customers simultaneously, amplifying the impact of your customer success initiatives exponentially.

Catalyst’s very own Scale Customer Success Manager, Wes Gibson, talks us through the significance of communities in relation to customer success scale programs. If you weren’t convinced about the value community brings to the table before this episode, rest assured you’ll be setting your own up in no time. 

Key discussion points

  • Why community is the backbone of Catalyst’s organization 
  • How to keep a human-touch approach when scaling with communities
  • Adding value to your community
  • Incorporating SLAs 


A little bit about Wes

Wes’ mission is simple: to help the people he serves to become successful! Whether it is providing Catalyst’s customers – CS teams – with a solution to help them proactively manage their own customers or helping contribute to the growth of Catalyst’s own SDR team. 

A little bit about Catalyst

As the difficulty and often cost of customer acquisition increases, driving sustainable revenue growth through your customers has become today's most critical business mandate. Founded by customer success leaders, Catalyst uniquely understands the challenges of driving lifelong customer revenue, and they've built a platform to address exactly that. 

Catalyst is today's industry leader of choice for customer revenue optimization that delivers the business value you need without the admin cost, adoption time, or technical depth of market alternatives. 

Catalyst software is a customer success tool that helps centralize customer data, get a clearer view of customer health, and scale experiences that drive retention and growth. So let's get stuck in with this episode.

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