“I think it's just as important for my employees to feel like they are being onboarded just the way that we would treat customers.”

Onboarding new CSMs is crucial for their success and the success of your company. In those first 90 days, you have the opportunity to establish the mold of your customer success team and determine its future.

In this episode of the CS School podcast, we're joined by Jess Galenski, Director of Customer Success at Apryse, to discuss how she onboards her new Customer Success Managers to set them, and their future clients, up for success.

Key discussion points

  • Importance of onboarding
  • Setting clear goals and milestones
  • Providing resources and training documents
  • Facilitating connections with other teams
  • Encouraging curiosity and feedback
  • Sustainability and scalability in onboarding

A little bit about Jess

Jess is Apryse's Director of Customer Success, where she guides and builds superstar customer-centric teams led by strategies she's implemented that boost retention, expansion, and advocacy.

Jess' collaborative, innovative leadership focuses on team development, fostering customer-centricity, and driving alignment to ensure exceptional customer experiences. She leverages data insights to identify trends, uncover opportunities, and optimize initiatives, staying ahead of customer success trends.


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