Aspiring toward customer-led growth doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, a concept punctuated with the addendum, “One day we’ll get there!” You can start applying customer-led strategies right now.

Dreaming of customer-led growth? It's closer than you think!

In this riveting episode of the CS School podcast, we're joined by the dynamic Dutta Satadip, a trailblazer in customer success. Dutta shares invaluable insights on how you, as a Customer Success Managers (CSM), can start infusing customer-centricity into your daily operations right now.

It's not about sweeping company-wide changes; it's about small, manageable steps that make a big impact. Tune in and transform your approach to customer success today.

And the fun's far from over! Dutta continued this conversation at Customer Success Festival in San Francisco. Happened to miss it? Have no fear, you can catch up with this session via our OnDemand footage in our membership plans.

Key talking points

  • Common daily challenges which can be solved with customer-led growth
  • How CSMs can shift their mindset to become more customer-centric
  • Handling negative feedback while being customer-led
  • Tools to boost customer-centricity
  • Dutta’s session at Customer Success Festival San Francisco.


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A little bit about Dutta

Dutta Satadip, a renowned CS expert and innovation strategist, is recognized for his leadership and expertise in helping startups and Fortune 500 companies build and scale their businesses through customer-centric strategies, data-driven insights, and technology-driven solutions. 

Dutta also speaks and writes on topics such as customer experience, digital transformation, and innovation.

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