Since the global pandemic, have you noticed your organization change its focus toward customer retention and engagement programs? If that's the case, wouldn't it be nice to have a course that would provide you with the exact blueprint for driving results in your organization?

With our Customer Advocacy Certified course, you'll learn the fundamentals and build a strong foundation of skills, you’ll be equipped to launch customer advocacy programs and accelerate your career in the future.

What to expect

Customer advocacy is when companies take proactive steps to build and nurture relationships with loyal, long-term customers. These customers serve as spokespeople and patrons for your brand, products, or services.

In this course, we’ve included all the advocacy minutiae, every morsel of information, and every fundamental topic to ensure your customer advocacy program has the ‘AI factor’ - action and impact.

Customer Advocacy Certified is here to help you produce game-changing customer experiences that drive business growth and career momentum.

What will you achieve?

  • Learn the fundamentals for creating highly engaging customer advocacy programs
  • Leverage your advocacy toolbox to help you scale and avoid potential pitfalls before launching your programs
  • Successfully measure your program ROI to get more budget and headcount
  • Learn how to position your programs to drive the greatest engagement across your customer community
  • Discover how to empower your customer advisors to mentor, share their product expertise and help drive deeper community engagement
  • Help drive deeper product adoption across your customer base

Brand new to customer advocacy? Don’t fret, we’ll show you the ropes. Experienced in the area? We’ll teach you new tricks.

Do you fit the bill?

This course is for you if you adhere to any one of the following sentiments:

🔧 You work in a customer-facing role and you're hungry for new career opportunities

📈 You're looking for new advocacy strategies that will drive impact in your organization

🙌 You want to scale your programs to reach more customers

Meet your instructor: Kevin Lau

Senior Director of Customer Advocacy & Experiential Marketing at F5

Kevin is the genuine article, a certified expert when it comes to the world of customer advocacy.

The strategies that Kevin plans to reveal have been time-tested and perfected from over 12+ years of experience working for innovative brands and startups across Silicon Valley organizations like Adobe, Google, YouTube, AOL, and many others.

If Kevin had to sum up his superpower, it would be his ability to infuse creativity with connecting others and producing meaningful experiences to influence business outcomes.

After all, customer advocacy should be exciting! You have a blank canvas to do incredible things for your customers, and he’s going to show you just how, step by step.

You’ve got 8 modules of intrigue ahead of you. 🔥