“I really like to think of success plans as one of the many tools in my toolbox. I don’t need it for every client or for every situation, but it can be extremely valuable when I see the need for it.  
“Having these plans can play a big role in consistently driving success, and consistently seeing wins and growing, which is really what we want to focus on with those larger clients.”

In the world of SaaS, customer success is king. đź‘‘

A business that doesn't prioritize the success of its customers is doomed to fail. That's why it's essential to have a solid customer success plan in place.

In this episode of CS School, we sat down with Melanie Moshi, Customer Success Manager at Gatekeeper, to discuss the key elements of creating a well-oiled customer success plan.

If you’re serious about your customers getting the most out of your product or service, you ought to be getting serious about how you formulate your success plan. 👇

Key discussion points

  • Why customer success plans are important
  • The value these plans bring to the client relationship
  • The expected outcomes of having a customer success plan in place?
  • The process of rolling out a customer success plan with your clients
  • How to involve clients in the creation process
  • How to set up a success plan if you’re new to CS
  • How to make the process accessible for your CS team and your client
  • How can CSMs collect the information needed to create an effective success plan
  • What types of questions to ask your client to gather the necessary information

A little bit about Melanie

Melanie’s career has been pretty varied, to say the least. But, in truth, is any career linear?

After starting out in a chemistry lab undertaking environmental testing, she quickly realized that her favorite part of the job was a simple one: working with people and developing those relationships.

From there, she pivoted and became an Account Manager for an environmental services firm. Getting into tech was her end goal, and now she’s a CSM in a SaaS company and has never looked back.