If there’s one thing we’re sure of as the ballots closed for this year’s Customer Success Awards, it’s that there’s a lot of admiration across the customer success community in 2022.

We’ve been humbled by the (nearly) 300 customer success professionals who took the time to give kudos to their peers for the churn-crushing work they’ve been doing.

So without further ado, here’s the breakdown of our shortlisted nominees for each category…

Customer Success Leader of the Year

The customer success global community is a rare gem in its own right. It produces some of the world’s most enthusiastic and collaborative thought leaders who unite its members and inspire them to create exceptional customer experiences.

But which CS leaders have been shortlisted and voted the bee’s knees?

Let’s take a look:

Itching to find out who’s the Customer Success Leader of the Year? We don’t blame you. Be sure to tune into our two-day virtual Customer Success Festival on October 13-14 where we’ll announce the winner of this category. So make sure you pencil this date in your calendar!

Best Customer Success Tool of the Year

While customer success is a human-based discipline first and foremost, it’s heavily reliant on the data underpinning customer behavior. CS practitioners wouldn’t be anywhere near as productive without the brilliant programs aiding their work.

But which CS tools have been voted the best in 2022? Here they are:

Rising CSM Talent of the Year

This category goes out to the CS leaders of tomorrow – to the people who have been earmarked by their peers for having promising futures in the world of customer success. Frequently, it’s the more-established set on LinkedIn who tend to get praise for smashing KPIs and inspiring their teams.

We’re here to acknowledge the folks who are making huge waves at the precipice of their career. But who made the cut? Well, here are our finalists:

Best Customer Success Team of the Year

The famous phrase, “No man is an island” comes to mind with this final category. It’s imperative to shine a light on the individual work in the CS space, but as every CSM, Head of Customer Success and VP will know, it takes a team to really make a difference.

That’s why we’ve given you the chance to vote for the customer success team who has gone above and beyond when it comes to listening to their customers, instilling product value, and creating a culture that elevates customer success within their organizations.

Who are the finalists? Ask and you shall receive…