The topic of this article is all about creating an effective voice of the customer program. I’m going to show you some effective strategies for implementing an effective VOC program in a few succinct steps, focusing specifically on:

  • Challenges of VOC programs
  • Benefits of VOC programs
  • What is a VOC program?
  • Why listening is important when– collecting customer feedback
  • Why sharing your feedback with your team is essential
  • Methods for acting and implementing feedback
  • Key takeaways
About me

About me and Easyship

The most crucial thing to know about me is, customer success is pretty much my life. It’s all I think about! I like to think it’s the same at Easyship. We’re a shipping app that powers eCommerce merchants to scale globally.

I’m going to show you how we’ve effectively utilized a voice of customer program to make customer feedback an integral part of our organization.

In this article, we’re gonna look at how this program can benefit your organization. But what problems can it help to resolve specifically?

Well, let’s outline them below. 👇