Wanna get Advocacy Framework Certified, but are unsure how to pluck up the courage to ask your manager to cough up the cash? 💵

You know this micro-course will show you how to build the framework to develop a powerful customer advocacy program, but getting executive buy-in can be a hurdle in and of itself.

Some find it uncomfortable to ask the powers that be to financially support their career development, but we believe you should never be deprived of the opportunity to cultivate your skills. So we've done the hard part for you.

Copy and paste this email, fill in the gaps, and pop it into your boss' inbox.

You'll be reaping the rewards of advocacy intel in next-to-no time. 👍

Convince the boss: Customer Advocacy Framework | Advanced Micro-Course
Convince the boss: Customer Advocacy Framework Wanna enroll in our Customer Advocacy Framework advanced micro-course, but don’t know how to approach your boss about it? We’ve got you covered. Just copy and paste this email, personalize it, and let us do the convincing for you. —------------ ...