In this episode of CS Connect, our resident host Vish Walia is joined by Brian Nicholls, VP of Customer Success at UserIQ, where they have an intriguing conversation about how companies can scale the onboarding process with the right mix of technology and a human element.

“When you think about building your onboarding process, you want to make sure that you're not only building what the customer is going to interact with, but you're building an environment and total ecosystem for getting feedback and data from what your customers are going through in the onboarding process.”

A little bit about our guest

Brian Nicholls is a VP of Customer Success at UserIQ, a customer success platform that aspires to create a world where any business can deliver exceptional customer success by marrying the worlds of CS and digital adoption.

Brian’s primarily responsible for everything in the post-sales process. You’ll find him mapping out UserIQ’s strategic vision, rich communication service (RCS) messaging, renewals, all the way down to being fortunate enough to work with a couple of clients directly as they embark upon their journey of making their customers successful.

Key takeaways to scale onboarding

In-app messaging

Brian recommends using in-app messaging to welcome the customer, a tried and tested method used by UserIQ, which adds a personal touch using technology.

Creating a segment of first-time users or new customers that provides them a place or person to go to if they need help. The basis of this message is to either direct the customer to their designated CSM or refer them to your support team if they get stuck.

The first time doesn’t have to be perfect

Brian’s number one tip? Don’t delay getting something out there. This is particularly relevant for small to mid-size businesses that aren’t as fortunate as some of the bigger businesses with robust marketing teams that can have the time to look at everything.

Brian’s advice is as follows:

  • Set the purpose of what you want to do in your onboarding
  • Have a couple of colleagues look at it
  • Get it out there

It doesn't have to be perfect the first time. Obviously, it has to be on-brand but you will tweak it. You’ll inevitably find a better way to do X, Y, Z better, or perhaps your customers’ needs change. Whatever the reason, don't delay that launch. Get it out there and let it run for your customers.

Starting from scratch?

“Where do I even start? What videos do I make? What audience do I target first?”

This can be a big challenge for CSMs starting out and scaling their onboarding process. Brian’s tip? At UserIQ they made a conscious decision to segment first-time users and tried to mimic the first-time user flow through their application.

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