This article was transcribed from Lisa Nguyen’s presentation at October 2021’s Customer Success Festival APAC.

Hi, my name is Lisa Nguyen. I'm an advocate for digital transformation, and I’m extremely passionate about customer success.

Before I share the keys to successful customer onboarding and value management with you, let me tell you how I got started.

How I got started in customer success

First of all, I’d like to thank my family for laying the foundations for my career in customer success. When I was young, we owned a couple of small businesses. As you know, small businesses require all hands on deck, and most of the time they’re a family affair. Though I was just seven years old, I was heavily involved in my family's stores.

In one of the shops where we carried merchandise for Vietnamese immigrants, we even helped our customers to ship products to Vietnam. Our products ranged from small goods to fabrics. We had a responsibility to research the latest products, understand the benefits of those products, and ensure that they'd be affordable for our customers.

As a junior salesperson, I needed to know all of the products we sold. Even more importantly, I needed to be able to convey the features and benefits of those products to my customers.

Keep in mind that some of our products were totally foreign to my customer base; they might never have used them before, but they wanted to know about them and buy them for their relatives in Vietnam.

To be able to secure a sale, I needed to be able to convey the benefits quickly.