Can you believe it? We’re one week away from bringing you our second Customer Success Festival APAC. You’ve seen bits and pieces teased here and there, but here is the low-down for anyone new to our APAC festival:

📆 Takes place March 23rd - 24th

🎪 4 stages covering key CS topics

🔥 20+ powerhouse speakers

🌏 Some of the world’s biggest businesses in attendance

⏰ 15+ hours’ worth of action-led presentations

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1. Learn from some of the biggest and best companies around

Companies like Vodafone, VMWare, and Meltwater are huge for a reason. They offer industry-leading products, exceptional service, and their employees are a cut above the rest! The Customer Success Festival APAC: Reloaded is the ultimate opportunity to sit down and absorb their secrets to success.

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2. Come away with actionable insights

Whatever presentation you choose to attend, one thing’s certain: you’ll walk away with unlimited actionable insights to apply to your day-to-day jobs and overall company strategies. Customer success is a business function that’s constantly evolving. It isn’t static or rigid, and neither are our presentations.

Our elite speakers have carefully curated their talks to give you practical advice that you can put into practice for yourself. Here’s a small sample of some of the informative topics we’re going to examine:

✅ Delivering positive customer ROI in a high-touch environment

✅ Decoding churn: The meaning behind what your customer is saying and what to do next

✅ Creating raving fans: Growing together with your customers

✅ Value-based conversation for customer growth

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3. Find a price point that suits your budget

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to attend our APAC: Reloaded festival on your own, or with your colleagues, we’ve got four different types of tickets to suit your agenda. We pride ourselves on affordability and offering the best value, so take advantage of the varying packages that work for your budget.

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4. Look forward to hearing from speakers like this

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5. Ask questions, get answers

While our live sessions are super informative, there’s absolutely nothing didactic about them. At the end of each presentation, the floor is open for the guest speaker to answer your burning questions about their chosen topic. Whether you’ve got a niggling query concerning customer retention, or you’re wondering about leadership in CS, you can ask our presenters from behind the comfort of your computer screen.

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6. Tried and tested success

We’re back and here to give you more! Last year we hosted our first festival in the APAC region and the response was staggering. Now, we’re back at again with an even better lineup.

Missed it? Never fear, we’ve penned a short breakdown of the top 10 takeaways from last year’s festival.

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7. Learn from APAC’s CS elite

Gain actionable tips and practices from real-world CS leaders in the APAC region. From case studies to actionable tips you can put into practice, our sessions are specifically tailored to the function of customer success within APAC.

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8. Skills and tools

When you attend our festival, not only will you learn how to improve your CS skills, but you’ll also find the tools which are best for improving these skills. Find out from our speakers what tools and software solutions have made their jobs (and lives!) effortlessly straightforward.

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9. Be a part of the largest CS community in APAC

If there’s one thing we’d like to clear up, it’s this: this is not a general CS event. This is more focused than that.

This is an industry-leading event for CS practitioners in the APAC region which provides you with insights, skills sharing, and experiences specific to the APAC region. Our presenters are ready and willing to discuss the unique experiences of working in CS in APAC.

One of our keynote speakers, Sylvia Lin, has herself conducted and reported on a study examining the status of CS in Southeast Asia.

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10. More content, more success

With our Access All Areas and Membership packages, you have lifetime access to the content from this event, plus hours of OnDemand footage to replay at your leisure. Not only do you get to learn first-hand, but you have the opportunity to return to presentations you missed and gain further insights.

This type of content can give you that extra boost to accelerate your CS career.

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