Within customer success, you’ll often hear people say “I’d love to scale my CS program and make it more proactive than reactive”, in fact, it’s probably something you’d like to do for your own organization.

In this article, I’ll discuss the three challenges most B2B CSM teams face when it comes to scaling, and share tips, tricks, and learnings for how to overcome them.

My name's Mike Lemire, and in this article, I'll discuss scaling customer success.

My background

This is my resumé in logo format.

Mike Lemire resumé in logo format

I actually started my career in the music industry working for Blue Note records. I myself am a musician I sing classical choral music and try to teach my kids piano and guitar when I have the opportunity to.

I love talking about customer success, but I also love talking about jazz, classical music, hip hop, soul, R&B, music from China, India, Africa. If you've got an interest in music, chances are I'd be happy to talk to you about it.

From there, I've moved on to working in ad agencies, working at Yahoo to help stand up our Yahoo India office. At HubSpot, I launched and ran our professional services program.

Before Toast, I most recently worked to launch the Customer Success Program at an early stage startup in Boston called Notarize and also lead the customer support team there.

At Toast, I was brought on to lead our restaurant success team which is essentially our customer success management team, and find a way to scale that which we were doing.

As you all know with COVID the impact on the restaurant community was profound at this time last year. So we had to say goodbye to a lot of our CSMs when that took place at which point I took over our education team and I'm now launching a new team that's just focused on proactive and scaling adoption of our product to our customers.