While nominations for this survey are now closed, you can feast your eyes on the finished report.

We're creating a report that'll uncover and compare what customer success practitioners are paid in 2023. But we can’t do it without you. Through a completely anonymous survey, we want to develop a truthful report based on the collected perspectives of everyday CS practitioners.👇

Why are we creating this report?

Knowing what other folks are earning can really help you out when it comes to negotiating your own salary, whether it's at your current job or in a future role. Studies show salary ignorance is holding back people from career progression.

Within recent years there has been a spotlight shone on injustices within the workplace and a near-global attempt to quash gendered, ableist and racial bias. To reflect this progression, there’s been an outcry for transparency surrounding job compensation, to level the playing field by creating a culture of equity.

How does this relate to customer success?

As a relative newcomer on the scene, customer success still isn’t the most-defined business function and is found in a variety of industries. Within the CS role lies a myriad of seniority levels, with jobs ranging from Customer Success Manager and Customer Success Lead, to VP of Customer Success and Chief Customer Officer.

With this in mind, it begs the following questions:

  • How much do CS practitioners earn?
  • Are they satisfied with their wages?
  • Do they get any extra perks alongside their standard salary?
  • Does gender, ethnicity, sexuality and ability affect CS salaries?
  • What is the average salary for someone with five years of experience in CS?

These are the type of questions we're gonna probe. 🔍

How will we collect this information?

While we’re planning on smashing glass ceilings, we’re acutely aware of the sensitivity of this specific subject. It’s a personal one, there’s no denying that. But to reiterate what was said earlier, this report promises to be entirely anonymous.

Unlike other surveys, we won’t ask for your name, job, or company. Does that sound alright to you? So go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity to compare your own salary against others in the CS space!

To get an idea of the kind of intel we're planning to curate, have a flick through last year's findings and see for yourself why customer success salaries need to be discussed. 👇

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