Customer Success: Ones to Watch in 2022

Customer success manager

Let's just say we're pretty keen on customer success. Okay, that might be the understatement of the century. Even if we're a teensy bit biased, we think that those who're leading the way by putting customer success on the map are definitely worth making a fuss of.

And let's not forget that customer success is a business function still very much in its infancy, so let's shout it from the rooftops!

Here at Customer Success Collective, we're all about encouraging our community and commending when good work has been done. We genuinely believe you're all a fabulous, bright and influential bunch, and want to reward you for giving so much back to your community.

So here's to you wonderful lot: nominate as many people as you like from all across the world. It's not been an easy year, so let's give credit to those who have worked their socks off and influenced customer success.

(P.S. Feel free to share this link with your colleagues and fellow CS pros – the more nominations, the better the results.) 🤝

(P.P.S. We won't judge you if you nominate yourself as an influencer. 😎 If you think you've done a stellar job, then why the hell not? Own it!)