The time has come to celebrate the most important date in your calendar. Yes, it's the Customer Success Awards 2021. 🎉

Some might say we're a bit keen about customer success, but it's with good reason. We think it's about time those in CS are recognized for all the awesome things they do.

Now's your chance to vote for who you think has gone above and beyond for the community.

Key dates for your diary

💌 Submission deadline: September 8th

🌟 Finalists announced: w/c September 27th

🏆 Winners announced: w/c October 4th (we'll be announcing a winner a day, over the week)

CSC MVP of the Year

They might make it look effortless, but it’s hard work being an all-round champion of customer success. Whether it’s an inspiring talk or an engaging post on Slack, we want to give recognition to those superstars within the Customer Success Collective.

Now’s your chance to nominate that one person who has gone above and beyond in our CS community, someone who you think has that certain... je ne sais quoi.

Customer Success Team of the Year

Is your team simply the best? Better than all the rest? 🎤

Then get your nominations in ASAP.

Do your team go above and beyond to fight churn? Are they fantastic communicators with insanely good people skills? If you know of a team that tick all of these boxes and are led by a firm customer success strategy, then give them credit where credit's due.

Best Customer Success Tool

We want to give kudos to the tech that enables the success in customer success.  

If you think there's one tool that you'd be lost without, one that is revolutionary and unique, then shout its praises and give it a vote. ✅

Most Innovative CS Breakthrough

Customer success as a concept may not be new, but it's certainly full of new ideas that drive innovation within the field.

Give that eureka moment its opportunity to shine and vote. 💡

Rising CSM Talent

The future state of customer success lies in the capable hands of the blossoming talent of today.

If you know someone who's definitely one to watch, then don't be shy, vote for them, and put their name out there.

Top Company to Work in CS for

It's time for the Customer Success Collective's equivalent of the Best Picture Oscar. 🥇

We've got a lot of love (and kudos) to give to CS companies going the extra mile to be one of those businesses people strive to work for. Perhaps your company has awesome perks, a close-knit culture, professional development, or encourages its employees to share their ideas and have their voices heard.

If you work for a company that sounds just like that, let us know that they deserve a good showering of CS affection. 🗳

Our judging criteria

Here's what we’re looking for in our winners:

  • Superstars who are changing the game in customer success
  • Anecdotal support from at least one other member of your/the nominee’s company
  • A proven impact on the team or the business that can be demonstrated – whether that’s customer retention, revenue, moving up the ladder, or any other ways they’ve set other teams up for success
  • Anything else you think helps you/your nominee stand out in the crowd

    Ready, set, let's get nominating 🏁