In this article, I’ll discuss my journey at Calendly, the initial challenges we faced when I joined tasked with building our customer success team from scratch, and the approach we took in aligning CS and PM to scale collaboration and ultimately, customer outcomes.

My name is Katie Christian, I am the Head of Customer Success at Calendly. My passions are hyper-growth companies all the way, people and culture are at the core of everything that I do, and last but certainly not least, is data. It's been a big driver for me, and it's a big passion.

My experience has ranged from customer experience all the way to the go-to-market side. Ultimately, specifically customer success, team support, onboarding, sales development, and dabbling a little bit on the sales side.

My tech career started at Sales Loft, I was the seventh employee way back in the day. We launched over five years two products, bringing them to market, growing from roughly 200k to 36 million, and creating the sales engagement space as it is today. A very exciting journey there.

Since I've landed here at Calendly, a phenomenal company growing so quickly and helping connect millions around the globe, scheduling faster, day by day.


I'm going to talk about my journey at Calendly. I've been at the company for a little over a year and a half. I was brought on board to build our customer success team from scratch so I'm going to talk about the initial challenges we had and the approach that we took.

Really, it bucketed down into three specific areas; alignment, experience, and partnership. I'll go over the amazing results we've had.